Let’s talk about Peeps!

Peeps were first introduced in 1953 and have become a widely popular candy throughout the United States. According to the Food Network, Just Born Candy Company produces approximately 2 billion peeps per year. Peeps come in a variety of flavors including chocolate pudding, pancakes and syrup, fruit punch, cotton candy and hot tamales.

Hot Tamales

Peeps are a simple marshmallow candy coated in colored sugar with edible wax eyes. Peeps are used in everything from holiday decorations, recipes and dioramas. Our own WPPL staff got crafty and created some amazing dioramas to celebrate National Library Week.

If you are looking for a fun quick activity for the kids. Put a peep on a dish and in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds. Ask the kids to predict what will happen to the peep and have them watch as the peep expands in the microwave. Be sure to provide adult supervision, the peep will be very hot.