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For a couple of months now, we’ve been getting requests from patrons for more Westerns in our Large Print collection. You asked and we answered, as the library has been steadily adding more and more Westerns to our shelves. If you’re not sure where to start, you can find a list of titles below. This is by no means a comprehensive list–just some of our newest titles to get you started. And as your browsing the shelves, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the “Western” spine label to identify a book in our collection as a Western! As always, I hope that you find something to enjoy!

The Desert Rider (L.P. Holmes) When Lee Cone is hired by Braz Boland to transfer his horses through the Black Rock desert, he has no idea that the job will reawaken a painful rivalry between himself and Tasker Scott, the man who married the woman Cone loved.

Taylor Callahan, Circuit Rider (William W. Johnstone) As a young man, Taylor Callahan didn’t know right from wrong, and most believed he’d end his days swinging from a rope. But, somewhere along the way, he changed his ways, and to atone for his sins, he became a traveling preacher–a preacher armed with a Colt .45 and his own methods of saving souls.

Smash the Wild Bunch (Giles A. Lutz) Oklahoma marshal Evett Nix is under pressure from Washington to capture Bill Doolin and his band of outlaws.

The Trainwreckers (Sean Lynch) An intense rivalry by two local railroad companies comes to a head when a train is deliberately derailed. Most of the passengers are killed or injured, including Marshal Samuel Pritchard’s longtime friend, who loses a leg, though not his courage. With an oath of vengeance, Pritchard sets out to find the man responsible for the accident and make him pay.

One Way to Boot Hill (Max O’Hara) Wolf Stockburn makes quick work of a group of train robbers, only to be completely blindsided by a second attack, right on the heels of the first. Wolf is knocked from the train, two guards are killed, and the cattle are stolen. When he recovers, Wolf sets out after the outlaws, his only clue, a hoof print showing a faint star shape.

Deadly Pursuit (T.V. Olsen) Silas Pine was about to turn 50, and his doctor told him that he must slow down in order to take better care of his heart, but when his son is killed by bank robbers, Pine decides to ride for revenge, no matter the cost.

The Broken Bow (Larry D. Sweazy) Heartbroken Theodore Marberry grieves the loss of his daughter, Jessica, who died giving birth to the child of a cheap lawman. Consumed with hate, Marberry puts a bounty on the young man’s head. Now, US Deputy Marshal Sam “Trusty” Dawson lives under a death sentence as every gunslinger in the territories is coming for him. But, there aren’t enough guns to stop Trusty from bringing his former father-in-law to justice.

Fighting Cowman (Louis Trimble) Nat Horne controlled the mining town of Stilikine and had made Sim Kenyon deputy sheriff with the promise that Kenyon could have the entire valley for his ranch–once they drove out the smaller ranchers.

No Name (Richard S. Wheeler) There is something sinister about Throatlatch, Wyoming, as a young traveler with no name discovers upon his arrival. He doesn’t entirely know why Throatlatch holds such fascination for him, but he knows that the town is pure evil. But, when the arrival of a new railroad replaces Throatlatch with a Utopia called New Dawn, No Name is not sure which is actually worse.

Companeros (Thomas W. Blackburn) Spencer Stanton built empires and his greatest pride was the sprawling, abundant Corona spread–and his son Tito, who helped him work it. So, when two trail-broke rebels ride up to the Corona, no one guessed that this was the beginning of a family feud that could bring down an empire.

El Segundo (Thomas W. Blackburn) A mysterious killer calls himself Espada, or “The Ace of Spades” in reference to the calling card he leaves with the bullet-ridden corpses of his victims. Espada aims to move in on the Stantons, and is ready to gun down anyone who stands in his way–or else, simply break them with his huge bare hands. Standing alone against him is Stanton’s ranch-hand, Jaime Henry, who will have to take on Espada after cutting down all the others.

A Thousand Texas Longhorns (Johnny D. Boggs) Following the conclusion of the Civil War, any man crazy enough to lead a herd of Texas longhorns into the North stands to make a fortune. Nelson Story, a bold entrepreneur, knows a golden opportunity when he sees one. But, he won’t be easy, as he must dodge cowboys, bandits, the Sioux, and even the United States army in order to sell his stock

The Eye of the Hunter (Frank Bonham) Henry Logan rides with a mission: to discover the whereabouts of wealthy rancher Richard I. Parrish, who has stopped responding to letters from his attorney, but cashes trust checks every month. The question is: is Parrish alive or dead? But, things become complicated when Logan is mistaken for a famous gunslinger and falls under the feverish influence of malaria. And then, he falls in love with Parrish’s wife, the number one suspect in his disappearance and the most beautiful woman Logan has ever seen.

Devil’s Due (James Clay) Devil’s Due is a lawless town run by outlaws and the savage Beau Rawlins, who has been leading a murderous attack on the locals of the nearby town of Capstone. Range Detective Rance Dehner must uncover those responsible for the deadly assaults before an armed conflict completely erupts between the two towns.

Satan’s Guns (James Clay) It seems that the devil’s at work in Grayson, Texas, as friends of Reverend Colt meet violent deaths. it’s up to Rance Dehner and the local sheriff to deal with the slew of gunfighters tormenting the Texas town.

The Woman Who Built a Bridge (C.K. Crigger) Shay Billings is pleasantly surprised to discover a new bridge over the river. Ambushed and left for dead, he finds even more reason for gratitude when the bridge-builder saves his life. Surprisingly, his unlikely hero turns out to be a young woman with extraordinary skills and a strong ally when the local ranchers are forced to defend themselves against Marvin Hammel, a power-hungry land-grabber determined to steal the entire territory out from under them.

Singing Lariat (Will Ermine) Ever since Salem Hardesty’s boys were attacked by the Sioux, Salem has suspected Rafe Perrine of smuggling guns to the Indians. Now, with Glenna’s father gone, he’s sure. Salem is determined to find Perrine and his gang of rustlers, and to put them down like the dogs they are.

Shootout at Sioux Wells (Cliff Farrell) Zack Keech’s business was cattle, certainly not these railroad nuisances that are tearing up the free range. So, it certainly comes as a surprise that this cowboy, seeking reparations for a train-triggered cattle stampede, finds himself working as an uncover agent for two most unusual railroad owners and the notorious Wild Bill Hickcok.

Catch Kid Curry (W.R. Garwood) Butch Cassidy’s notorious Wild Bunch was the last of the great robber bands that pistol-whipped the West from the wilds of Montana to the Mexican border. Even its mortal enemy, the Pinkerton Detective Agency, acknowledged that hell-raising gang of long-riders as men ‘who’d rather fight than eat.’ It was a war to the death between the Wild Bunch and the Tin Stars, and when the gunsmoke had vanished, so had the Wild Bunch, yet epic tales of these free-booters of the saddle remain–the cool and humorously calculating Cassidy, the hot-headed Sundance, and that ‘trapper of posses’ the Tiger of the Wild Bunch, Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry.

Ringo’s Tombstone (W.R. Garwood) Texas ranger, John Ringold, rides into Tombstone on detached service. His mission? To go undercover as John Ringo and stamp out the gangs ravaging Wells Fargo in a string of unsolved robberies and murder.

Search for the Breed (Fred Grove) This novel of horse-racing in the Old West features the adventures of smooth-talking and good-looking Dude McQueen, his sidekick, Coyote Walking, and his Uncle Billy, a wizard with horses. While trying to find new challenges for the horse he had won in a poker game, Dude comes across dangerous information about the horse’s bloodline.

The Bandit (Jerry Guin) Sam Bass was just a farm boy from Indiana, but he wound up becoming one of the most notorious outlaws in Texas history. Often referred to as “Texas’ Beloved Bandit” and “Robin Hood on a Fast Horse,” this historical novel takes an unflinching look at the life and times of Sam Bass.

The Seven Men at Mimbres Springs (Will Henry) L.L. Henderson was the best secret agent the South had. She was also a beautiful woman and a counterspy for the North. Her men were dangerous hard cases, hired guns, drunks, drifters, a murderous freed slave, and her smooth-talking lover. Together, they set out to win the Civil War by sealing off California and her gold. But they didn’t take into account Mangas Coloradas, aka “Red Sleeves,” the Apache chieftain and his men.

Then Came Mulvane (William Heuman) About twenty nester families were camped in a grove south of Rawdon, all set to spread into the neighboring valleys. The cattlemen knew if the nesters were allowed to move onto their ranges, more would come and it would spell the end of their way of life. So, the Cattleman’s Association called for Mulvane to save them.

Saddle Justice (Steven C. Lawrence) Sergeant Will Roderick rides into Buffalo, sun-darkened, dusty, and smelling of danger. Just days before, the townsfolk had lynched his younger brother and Roderick wants to find out who and why. In a town of casual justice and whisky fast-draws, its up to a man like Roderick to make the first move.


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