We’re all stressed right now. I’m stressed, you’re stressed, the people behind us in traffic are stressed… So when it comes to reading, I sometimes just really want something uplifting and fun that’s not going to stress me out. I have nothing against drama or a plot with tight pacing. Sometimes, I want to be glued to the page, in a near panic over what is going to happen next. But, sometimes, I just want to read something relaxing, where a group of friends have fun misadventures and nothing bad happens. No arguments threatening friendships, no life or death situations, no swearing…just good, clean, relaxing fun.

If you’re looking for the same thing, then I have some good news for you! I have a series to recommend that has all of those things: a chill story, sweet characters who all get along and go on adventures, and despite what you’re thinking, no drama doesn’t mean its boring. In fact, it’s a really interesting series, just really, chill. So, settle down with your coziest blanket, a nice drink, and prepare to check out Laid-Back Camp!

Laid-Back Camp is the story of five high school girls: Rin, Nadeshiko, Chiaki, Aoi, and Ena. Loner Rin loves nothing more than going solo camping–in the winter. There, she’s able to enjoy the peace and quiet, while indulging in her love of the outdoors. During one of her trips, she meets Nadeshiko, an enthusiastic girl her age, who has just moved to the area. After spending a little time with a rather hesitant Rin, Nadeshiko is totally sold on the idea of camping, so when she gets to her new school, she quickly joins the Outdoor Activities Club, which consists of just two members (Chiaki and Aoi) and meets in a storage closest. The Outdoor Activities Club is completely devoted to camping…but none of the members have ever done it before, so everyone is learning together! Rin avoids the meetings, spending time in the school library, sharing her camping adventures and purchases with her friend, Ena. Ena doesn’t really have a strong interest in camping, but loves to hear the stories. She’s also got the cutest dog ever, a fluffy little chihuahua named Chikuwa!

Each storyline centers around the girls going camping, learning about camping, or prepping for their next trip. Not only will you learn a lot about camping, but you might find yourself wanting to pack your sleeping bag, tent, and some firewood and go on a trip, too. I know I did. The best part is, as I said, the drama is not really that intense. There are no storylines about characters getting into a fight and not speaking to each other, and no one gets hurt. But, there’s still plenty of drama to keep you interested, including camping faux pas, lack of preparedness, and roadblocks to prevent our heroines from the perfect trip. But, spoiler alert, everything works out just fine in the end!


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