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Cover image for Mermaid School

Mermaid School by JoAnne Wetzel
Molly enjoys her first day at Mermaid School, where she makes new friends, learns new things, and hears a story about children with no tails.

Cover image for Tool school

Tool School by Joan Holub
Told in rhyming text, five tools–Hammer, Screwdriver, Pliers, Saw, and Tape Measure–learn to work together on their first day of school.

Cover image for Flight school

Flight School by Lita Judge
Little Penguin, who has the “soul of an eagle, ” enrolls in flight school.

Cover image for Fright School

Fright School by Janet Lawler
Little monsters head to Fright School to learn the art of scaring trick-or-treaters.

Cover image for Superhero school

Superhero School by Aaron Reynolds
When Leonard starts attending Superhero School he is disappointed to find that all they learn is math, but when the ice zombies strike, Leonard and his classmates put their newly-acquired knowledge to good use.

Cover image for School for bandits

School for Bandits by Hannah Shaw
Ralph Raccoon is too polite so his parents send him to Bandit School to learn to behave like a properly bad raccoon.

Cover image for Chicken in school

Chicken in School by Adam Lehrhaupt
Zoey the adventure-loving chicken sets up a classroom in the barn and appoints herself teacher, but her friend Sam the pig is nervous that she will not provide snack time.

Cover image for Choo-choo school

Choo-Choo School by Amy Rosenthal
No racing in the haul-ways! All aboard the train-car pool! A new lineup of students is off and rolling to Choo-Choo School. After reciting their classroom rules — Work hard, play fair, be kind — it’s time for some math to get the wheels turning. Then everyone’s ready to climb a hill in gym (it’s good to blow off steam), sing songs in music (Flat Car is a bit off-key), and learn the whole alphabet, especially the letter R. In one of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s last books, lighthearted verse portrays a world where train stations are classrooms, the conductor doubles as the teacher, and Boxcar is happy to hand out tissues to anyone who ah-choo-choos.

Cover image for Pirates go to school

Pirates Go To School by Corinne Demas
A rhyming tale of pirates who go to school accompanied by their parrots, learn arithmetic and letters, and want to hear sea stories at storytime.

Cover image for The secrets of ninja school

The Secrets of Ninja School by Deb Pilutti
When Ruby’s homesickness spreads to other students at Master Willow’s School for Ninjas, she uses all of the skills she has learned to help them feel better. Includes instructions for making a dragon toy two different ways.