Welcome back to the Kinder Club blog! Each week we will focus on an early literacy concept and share fun activities and tips to help reinforce a variety of kindergarten readiness skills.

This week’s concept is seasons of the year!

Winter is here! There are four seasons in a year and each season has its very own special name. Read the names of each season listed below. Start with winter and make your way to fall which is the last season of the year.
Look at the trees at the end of each season’s name. What do you notice about each of the trees?

Can you trace the names of each of the seasons of the year in the image above with your finger? Which seasons have the letter e in their name? What seasons have the letter r in their name?

When learning the seasons, it is helpful to think about the weather and what we might wear during each season. In winter it is usually snowy and cold. What might you wear to stay warm while playing in the snow? It often rains in the spring. What could you wear or use to stay dry? In summer, it is sunny and hot! Can you name three items you could wear when the sun is shining and it is hot outside? And what about fall? In fall, the temperatures begin to drop and it can be windy. What might you wear to play in the leaves?

Mrs. K. shared a fun activity to practice the seasons of the year. If you did not pick up one of our Kinder Club packets that included the activity, don’t worry – you can do something similar at home. Grab a piece of paper and divide it into four sections. Next, write a season name in each section. Finally, draw a few pictures of things you might see, wear or do during each month. For example: Winter – snowman, scarf, ice skating

If you picked up a Kinder Club practice packet from the library, have fun completing this week’s activities and stay tuned for our next activity post.

Kindergarten Readiness Tip: Listen to The Kiboomers teach the order of the seasons through music Do you know what the first season of the year is? What is the coldest season? What is the warmest season? Practice memorizing the seasons this week. Be sure to list some fun activities that you do during each season.