Welcome back to the Kinder Club blog! Each week we will focus on a letter of the alphabet and share fun stories, activities and tips to help you get ready to make the big leap into Kindergarten.

This week’s letter is Ff!

F is for fish, five and frog!

Can you trace the letter in the picture above with your finger? Can you write the letter on a piece of paper? Try writing the letter in uppercase and lowercase. Remember uppercase is BIG and lowercase is small.  

Click on the video below to hear Mrs. K. share one of our FAVORITE laugh out loud stories about a pout-pout fish with a pout-pout face. I dare you not to laugh as you listen to this story. Can you make a pout-pout face? Do you remember what other ocean friends we met in our story today?

Thank you to Farrar, Straus and Giroux publishers for allowing us to share this story with you.

Mrs. K. went on a letter hunt looking for something that started with the letter F. What did she find? How many things can you find? Did you find anything that was FUNNY? Did you find anything that was FRIENDLY? What was your FAVORITE item that you found today?

If you picked up a Letter of the Week packet from the library, have fun completing this week’s activities and stay tuned for next week’s letter. 

Kindergarten Readiness Tip: F is for fine motor skills. These are the small movements of the fingers and hands. Strengthening the muscles in your fingers and hands will help you with writing and drawing. Strengthen your fine motor skills this week by building with blocks, playing with play dough and working on puzzles.