Psst! I have a secret to tell you…I love reading the secrets of strangers. If that sounds weird to you, then I bet you’ve never heard of PostSecret before. PostSecret started off as a social experiment that quickly became an international phenomena. The premise is simple: strangers create and send anonymous postcards with their secrets on them. The secrets range from funny to sad, heartfelt to shocking. And it’s such a cool concept to see into the minds of complete strangers, especially when you realize just how similar you really are to people you’ve never even met, how you might even share the same secrets with strangers whose names you don’t even know.

The PostSecret books are a delight to read as well. Each one is a collection of secrets, pages and pages of beautiful, handmade postcards that you could spend hours pouring over. Why not check out one of the titles in our collection? In fact, why not check out all four? Simply click on the title to be taken to that item’s page in our catalog!

PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

Confessions on Life, Death, and God

The Secret Lives of Men and Women

My Secret: A PostSecret Book


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