I Am Actually a Penguin written by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Kasia Matyjaszek is an sweet story about a little girl who never wants to take off her penguin costume. She loves to dress up and after receiving a penguin costume in the mail she is convinced she is a penguin. The little girl has a vivid imagination and acts like a penguin, even at her aunt’s wedding. She tries to convince everyone she is a penguin, at least until the costume has to be washed.

I Am Actually a Penguin

Baby Penguin Craft


  • Two white paper plates
  • Stapler (to be used by a caring adult)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White crayon
  • Two google eyes
  • Orange and black construction paper
  • One large craft stick


  1. Cut jagged edge (as shown in picture above) from both white paper plates.
  2. Staple the paper plates together, leaving an opening at the bottom (large enough for the craft stick to fit through).
  3. Cut a large oval from the black construction paper.
  4. Color the middle of the black oval with the white crayon.
  5. Glue the two google eyes next to one another on the white colored area.
  6. Cut a small triangle from the orange construction paper and glue to the white colored area just below the two eyes.
  7. Glue the craft stick to the bottom of the black oval.
  8. Slide the “Penguin” in between the paper plates and the craft stick through the opening in the bottom of the plates.
  9. Slide the craft stick up and down and you have a baby penguin peeking out of a shell.

Happy Holidays!