It can be a challenge to keep kids occupied during the summer. These three STEAM activities are fun, educational and will amaze the kids.

Have the kids repeat the experiments to compare results. The experiments are simple and require materials you may already have around the house.

Rubber Egg


  • 1 Raw Egg
  • 1 Large Jar (Lid not required, but nice to have)
  • Vinegar (4% acetic acid)

Place the egg carefully in the jar and add enough vinegar to generously cover the egg. Let the egg sit in the vinegar at least 24 hours. Visually check the egg after the 24 hours. You will likely see bubbles in the jar. The bubbles indicate a chemical reaction is happening between the egg shell (which is made of calcium carbonate) and the vinegar. Continue to check the egg over the next few days. Eventually the shell will complete dissolve and the egg will seem rubbery to the touch. When the shell has dissolved remove the egg from the vinegar. Gently rinse or rub the dissolved shell off of the egg. Be careful, even though the egg seems rubbery it is still a raw egg.

To go one step further, take the egg outside. Start at a low distance from the ground and drop the egg. See if the egg will bounce. You can increase the distance from the ground to see if the egg will bounce or break.

Note: It is not a good idea to eat this egg.

Save Herman The Worm


  • 1 Paper Cup
  • 1 Peach Ring
  • 1 Gummy Worm
  • 1 Paper Clip

Can your kids save Herman the Worm? Herman has fallen out of his boat (paper cup). He needs to put his life preserver (peach ring) on and get back in his boat. The tricky part is your child can only use the paper clip to help save Herman. Saving Herman will require problem solving and fine motor skills. If you have more than one child it will require team work as well. The best part is when Herman is safe and sound in his boat the kids can have a peach ring or gummy worm treat.

Toothpick Star Experiment


  • 5 toothpicks
  • 1 small plate
  • 1 cup of water
  • medicine dropper

Carefully bend the toothpicks in half until they crack but are still attached. A caring adult will have to assist with this part of the experiment. Place the 5 bent toothpicks on the plate as shown in the first picture. Start to gradually add drops of water with the medicine dropper to the inside area of the toothpicks. They should eventually open up into a star shape. The water expands and pushes the toothpicks into the star shape. Ask the kids to predict how many drops of water it will take to make the toothpicks expand.