I don’t necessarily consider myself a fighting game connoisseur, but if given the chance, I’m always down to play Street Fighter. I own almost all the games, and while I’m not the best player, I always have fun. If you’re like me, and mostly play the Versus mode, you might not realize that there is a whole fascinating story going on. Street Fighter is not just about a group of strangers getting together to pummel each other into the ground. It’s a twisting, tantalizing tale of brainwashing, revenge, and overcoming our limitations. And if you want to get all the details without playing every single story mode, then you can check out the wide array of Street Fighter comics in your library’s collection!

For those of you who are completely new to the series, let me give you a very brief overview. Street Fighter mostly follows Ryu, a martial artist who struggles with mastering the darkness inside of him, which he knows would give him true power. Ryu’s exceptional talents have brought him to the attention of M. Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, a terrorist organization bent on world domination. The rest of the cast ranges from those working with Bison and Shadaloo (such as the boxer Balrog or the poisonous assassin, F.A.N.G.), those fighting against Shadaloo (like American soldiers Guile and Nash, or Chinese Interpol officer, Chun-Li), as well as the wide array of fighters who are either pulled into Bison’s orbit through terrorism and threats, or because they are contestants in his famous tournaments, looking to push their skills to their limits.

There are a ton of different comic series and I’ll try to keep this as simple as I can. But, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Street Fighter Classic

Street Fighter Classic follows the events just after the original Street Fighter, incorporating SF Alpha and SFII. There are quite a few character stories coming together here, so I’ll just produce the highlights. After learning that Master Goken has been brutally murdered by his own brother, Gouki (now known as Akuma), Ryu is on a path of revenge. But, he struggles with the fact that revenge will force him to give in to the darkness within his heart, known as the Satsui no Hado, the same thing that turned Gouki into the demonic Akuma. Meanwhile, American soldier, Guile is trying to track down any information he can about Nash, a friend and comrade who is missing in action. Interpol agent Chun-Li searches for information about the fate of her father, and Cammy, formally a brainwashed agent working for M. Bison, tries to remember who she is and what she did before joining the British Secret Service and Delta Red.

Street Fighter IV

If I had to choose, I think Street Fighter IV is my favorite game in the series. I love the colorful cast of characters (my favorite is the oil-wrestler, Hakan!) and the gameplay just feels really good. This comic collection, which contains volumes 1-6 of the original publication, brings together many of your favorite characters, again. As the Secret Society’s tournament looms, the remnants of Shadaloo make their presence known! Ken faces the blood-raged bull, Balrog! Chun-li crosses paths with the deadly Vega! Ryu spars with the god of Muay Thai, Sagat! And meanwhile, Alex, Necro, Ibuki, Oro, and a whole new generation of fighters join the fray. It’s the start of the ultimate World Warrior journey!

Street Fighter V

This series follows (you guessed it!) the events of Street Fighter Five. New challengers rise up, while longtime favorites take their martial arts to the next level! The mysterious Menat confronts Shadaloo, Alex faces off with the Mad Gear Gang, Sakura and Karin cross fists one final time, and Akuma descends into a demonic hellscape! Darkness lurks around every corner in this prelude to the Street Fighter Unlimited series. Sakura is tempted by power of the Dark Hado, Juri makes her vicious presence known for the first time, and Akuma transforms into the all-powerful Oni! All that plus Ryu, Chun-li, Guile, Cammy, Dan, M. Bison, and many more of your favorite World Warriors clash in this thrilling series!

Street Fighter 6

American martial arts champion Ken Masters travels to the city-state of Nayshall for a new fighting tournament, but he finds much more danger than he bargained for! It’s a thrilling adventure featuring art by Bengus, Panzer, Hanzo Steinbach, and Chisato Mita. This is volume one of an ongoing series, so keep an eye out for more excitement to come.

Super Street Fighter

Street Fighter returns to comics in an all-new, original, hardcover graphic novel series! Fan-favorites like Ryu, Sakura, Ken, and Guile are joined by newcomers Alex, Juri, Dudley, Hakan, and more for all-out excitement and pulse-pounding battles! “Super Street Fighter Volume 1” starts the World Warriors on the path to their greatest challenges yet!

Street Fighter Unlimited

As Ryu sets out on a dangerous journey to control the dark energies within him, Guile, Cammy and Chun-li confront the remnants of Shadaloo to reveal the truth about Gill’s mysterious Secret Society. It’s classic Street Fighter warriors at the start of an epic new world-spanning adventure!

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers

When the World Warriors meet the Night Warriors — they’ll raise Hell! These time-tested combatants have met many times in the arcades, but nothing can prepare you for their first action-packed, fan service-fueled comic crossover! Villains will unite, friends will become foes, and the worlds of Street Fighter and Darkstalkers will be changed forever! 

Street Fighter Legends: Sakura

Taking her reluctant master’s advice after returning to Japan, Sakura vows to emulate Ryu and learn from as many different fighters as she can ― leading to explosive encounters with the likes of E. Honda, Zangief, R. Mika and her fiercest rival, Karin! But perhaps her greatest challenge lies in the pink-garbed wonder himself… the ever-determined and hopelessly over-confident, Dan Hibiki! Be sure to see the legend of Street Fighter burst from the seams like never before with equal parts martial arts thrills and zany, over-the-top spills! Whatever lies ahead for Sakura, one thing is sure ― the streets of Japan will never be the same!

Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li

She’s been nicknamed “The Strongest Woman in the World”, but before Chun-li was a no-nonsense Interpol officer she was a fresh recruit in the Hong Kong Police. Street Fighter Chun-li explores Street Fighter history and the young Chun-li’s first encounter with the criminal Shadaloo organization. With her partner Po-Lin and her father (and superior officer) Dorai by her side, expect this trio to get into car chases, shoot outs, and plenty of fisticuffs as they fight their way to the truth about Shadaloo’s latest scheme. Plus appearances by Dan, Gen, Fei Long, Sagat, and more Street Fighter favorites!

Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki

All Ibuki wants is a normal Japanese high school experience, but her secret ninja life follows her everywhere she goes! With deadly ninja assassins, a crazy karate girl named Makoto, and the mysterious hermit Oro all on her case, she’ll be lucky if she even makes it to lunch hour in one piece! Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki is one part ninja action, one part high school antics, and 100% non-stop excitement!

Street Fighter Legends: Cammy

It’s Cammy White, the stinging bee of Street Fighter, in her own action-packed adventure! Cammy now leads the all-new special ops team “Delta Blue,” as they keep England and the world safe from destructive forces. Whether its art thieves, cyber assaults, or would-be world conquerors, Cammy and Delta Blue are ready to face the enemies of freedom and justice everywhere!

Street Fighter Origins: Akuma

He is the world’s most feared martial artist, mentioned only in whispers. Few have dared to challenge him, and even fewer have survived to speak of the nightmare. He is Akuma — Master of the Fist, wielder of the Dark Hado. But he was not always trapped on the path of chaos. Street Fighter Origins: Akuma reveals the secrets of this dark figure’s past for the first time, and shows how a frustrated young man grew into a mad demon. The story fans have demanded for years is finally here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Street Fighter

The two most iconic martial arts groups in pop culture face off in a tournament for the ages! Don’t miss the matchups of your favorite fighters as the heroes in a half-shell face the likes of Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, and more. When a prestigious martial arts tournament invites fighters to travel to Atlantic City and test their skills, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jump at the chance to compete. But a big stage means big competition, and the world famous STREET FIGHTERS-Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, and more-have shown up in force to prove the mettle of their PSYCHO POWERED fighting forms. As if that’s not enough of a challenge, there are rumors of competitors disappearing and the identity of the contest’s benefactors is shrouded in mystery. From creators Paul Allor and Ariel Medel comes this epic crossover event that you never thought you would see!


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