Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a very treatable condition that affects 366 million adults (according to the Journal of Global Health). It is a treatable and manageable condition with the right support. The following is a curated list of newer resources that contain information on managing and finding treatment.

The Mini ADHD Coach: Tools and Support to Make Life Easier a Visual Guide
by Alice Gendron
Succeeding with Adult ADHD
by Abigail Levrini
Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD: Tips and Tools to Help you Take Charge of Your Life and Get Organized
by Susan Pinsky
Still Distracted After All These Years: A Practical Guide for Those With and Without a Diagnosis
by Kathleen Nadeau
Women with ADHD: Effective Strategies to Stay Organized, Manage Your Emotions, Your Finances and Succeed in Life
by Selma Evans
ADHD and Marriage: The Complete Guide on How to Live with and Manage Your Partner’s ADHD or ADD


ADDItude magazine-excellent information on a variety of facets of ADHD research. Includes archived podcasts and webinars.

CHADD-Children and Adults with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, an organization that exists to provide support and information.

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate