How can we be sure that AI works in our best interests?  Across the globe, scientists, developers and programmers in the field of Artificial Intelligence are working together to analyze AI. They look to see if the information given to AI is equitable, fair, and balanced. 

I’d like to recommend a few websites on the forefront of AI that are helping to build Artificial Intelligence that is just and inclusive for all people.

Algorithmic Justice League

Founded by data scientist Joy Buolamwini, AJL’s mission is …

“Through a combination of art, research, policy guidance and media advocacy, the Algorithmic Justice League is leading a cultural movement towards equitable and accountable AI. This requires us to look at how AI systems are developed and to actively prevent the harmful use of AI systems. We aim to empower communities and galvanize decision makers to take action that mitigates the harms and biases of AI.” – from the AJL website

Humane Intelligence

Founded by Jutta Williams and Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, the former Director of Ethics, Transparency and Accountability at Twitter, Humane Intelligence is an organization that advocates for responsible use of generative AI. This organization reviews data sets for bias, and offers to test market-ready AI products to ensure that they are not harmful to the public.

Center on Race and Digital Justice

Founded by Safiya Noble, this organization works with UCLA to ensure that a variety of voices are heard and represented justly in the field of AI research.

Our Data Bodies

A group of five women who are tracking marginalized communities in Detroit, LA, and Charlotte, NC. Their mission is to “show how data systems impact re-entry, fair housing, public assistance, and community development.”- from the ODB website