Artificial Intelligence is rapidly invading our lives. That may seem scary, but it’s also exciting! The potential of AI to improve our everyday tasks is boundless. You may already be using it and not even realize it!

You, yes YOU! can try out AI right now, and have fun doing it! Check out these AI tools for free and add a little fun in your day to day.

Shadow Art

Google Shadow Art challenges you to shadow puppets with your hands in front of your laptop or phone camera that correspond to one of the lunar cycle’s 12 zodiac symbols. The animal comes alive once your shadow puppet registers.

The Infinite Conversation

Listen to a line by line AI generated conversation between German filmmaker Werner Herzog and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek. The voices, the text and the images are machine generated. Why? Because someone wanted to.


Looking for an image of a cat on a surfboard? Elvis eating a sandwich? An ocean full of macaroni? This is the place for you. Type in what you want to see, and an AI image generator will produce it.

Thing Translator

Imagine you are in a foreign country visiting family. You want to tell them there is a tornado coming, but don’t know how. This web site (or app) allows you to find the words for any image you can capture. Take a picture, choose a language, and viola! You just saved the day!

Find Your Next Book

Tell this AI tool what you want to read about. It will immediately come up with a book recommendation, and link to the book on Amazon. (FYI, our librarians are better.)


Fun with travel planning! Choose a destination, budget, activities, pick some dates, and have AI plan an itinerary for you 1-2-3!

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Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate