Manga is full of adorable romance series, so it can be hard to keep things original. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses does a great job of playing with tropes, however, bringing a series that is both comfortably familiar and fresh at the same time! Komura and Mie are assigned desks next to each other. The funny thing is, Mie keeps forgetting her glasses, and she’s practically blind without them. Which means she spends a lot of time leaning in really, really close and squinting (adorably) in order to see (faces, textbooks, etc.). Lucky for Mie, Komura is a gentleman and a genuinely helpful classmate, so he’s always able and willing to assist as needed. Unfortunately, for Komura, being in close contact with a really cute girl means that he’s developed a major crush on her, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide his feelings!

This sweet slice of life series is a collection of little stories and misadventures starring Komura and Mie, from train rides to school assemblies to mismatched shoes and more. And of course, the hook is that Mie keeps forgetting her glasses, no matter how hard she tries. But, can Komura stand to be so close to his nearsighted companion before his heart just gives out?

If you’re looking for a chaste, fun romance that will keep you glued to the page, then this is the one to read! This series is as pure as they come, and while there’s a lot of romantic tension, it keeps it clean. The main characters are both delightful people and the art is really adorable. I cannot recommend it enough!

There are currently five books in the library’s collection with more on the way. So, check out what we have and keep an eye out for future installments!


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