Porter Public Library celebrates Welcome Week!

One of the goals of Welcome Week is to help build a sense of community – a sense of “we.” Traveling and seeing the world can help create a sense of community. It can be intimidating to navigate unfamiliar locations on your own. Using a travel guide can take some of that stress out of travel. We are fortunate here at the library we have an large collection of travel books and guides to help in planning a visit to other parts of your own country or to foreign countries. 

picturesque tropical beach in Bora Bora, Tahiti

Why Use a Travel Guide?

Travel guides have many features a traveler can take advantage of:

  • No need for a Wi-Fi signal or worry about battery use.
  • Small and convenient to carry around.
  • Travel guides are updated regularly to provide current and relevant information for planning your trip.
  • No need to worry about wrong information being copied from other “travel” sites.
  • Provides information on the best places to visit, to eat, and to stay.
  • Gives insights into local history, culture, and local customs or laws you should be aware of.
  • Most travel guides have vibrant, full color pictures and maps to aid you on your trip.
  • Many guides will have information on the best time of year or season to visit and provide suggested itineraries.
  • Ignites your wanderlust!
  • Travel guides have been around for a long time
A Japanese tourist consulting a guide book and a tour guide as shown in "A Tour Guide to the Famous Places of the Capital" from Akizato Ritō's Miyako meisho zue (都 名所 圖會; An Illustrated Guide to the Capital), illustrated by Shunchosai Takehara Nobushige.
A print from the 1787 entitled A Tour Guide to the Famous Places of the Capital from Akizato Rito’s Miyako meisho zue.

Around the World

The library offers many great travel guides for destinations all over the world. Below is a small sampling of books from well known publishers, like Fodor’s, Moon, and Rick Steves’.

Join us September 10-16, 2023, for Welcoming Week at WPPL with events and more aimed at building strong connections with neighbors of all backgrounds. The week culminates with the Community Welcome Fair featuring local groups sharing their stories, traditions and food.

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