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Don’t let the title fool you. This post-apocalyptic manga series is about as chill as they come! Hold up. A chill post-apocalyptic series? That’s right! Doomsday with My Dog tells the adventures and misadventures of a teenage girl who may or may not be the last human survivor of the apocalypse. Now, she wanders around Japan with her dog Haru (who lovingly refers to her as “Master”) and meets all manner of interesting (mostly animal) characters.

The book is about more than just travel, though. Haru is an amazingly devoted dog with a very big heart. And the series often explores the relationship between dogs and humans and that deep, loyal love and devotion that exists between a person and their favorite pet. Add in some meandering dialogue and a bit of philosophical discussion and you have a general idea of what you’re getting in a series like this.

In a world where there is no civilization and society has (quite literally) gone to the dogs, one would think that every day would be full of hardship and a struggle to survive. But, with your best friend by your side, perhaps things aren’t quite so bad. I’ll say this much: this was the most relaxed apocalypse story I’ve ever read. And while I wouldn’t want to hang out here come doomsday, if I had to choose my own end of the world, it would be something like this.

Sweet, thought-provoking, and oftentimes deeply poignant, this manga series is just getting started. As of this writing, there are three volumes to borrow at the library with a fourth on order for those who want to get ahead. If you’re interested in following the adventures of Haru and Master, be sure to check out Doomsday with My Dog!

(And if you’re looking for more chill manga, consider checking out Laid-Back Camp, a series about a group of high school students who go camping together!)


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