The Adult Creative Writing Group meets once a month at the Westlake Porter Public Library. The group is open to any adult interested in spending an hour indulging in some spontaneous creativity. Creativity is about discovery, and that can take many forms, writing being one of them. Join us and learn something new about yourself and the world!

The following are some creations from a member of the group, Carl F. Rak


Look at calm tiger

Could we change our endless fear

Foolish man, it is….!


B, J & M: All Lost in 22

All three mentors with explosive tempers
Masking wisdom and courage
Lost to me forever in the emotional mist
Of life’s trials and tortures unvanquished.

B, a self-centered genius of leadership
Never able to give in to challenges
Scared humans in myriad positions
Yet mobilized energy to finish a conundrum.

J, encountered the worst of Vietnam
Forever on point in the jungle, snipers beware
The depth of is PTSD forever tormenting
Sublimation key to his survival and courage

M, man of mystery and freedom always a surprise
Forever helpful in his role as my supervisor
Never suffering fools yet a man of gentleness
Somehow our last year together yielded pain.

I captured their styles and breathed their essence
Valuing their importance to me impossible.
Love, connection and wisdom were their tools
As I say goodbye, am forever grateful. Agape!

The next Adult Creative Writing Group is Wednesday, August 30th 7-8 PM

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate