The Adult Creative Writing Group meets once a month at the Westlake Porter Public Library. The group is open to any adult interested in spending an hour indulging in some spontaneous creativity. Creativity is about discovery, and that can take many forms, writing being one of them. Join us and learn something new about yourself and the world!

The following are some creations from a member of the group, Kathleen Collins.

Summer Haiku

Along the roadside
Forget-me-nots are twinkling
Like new-fallen stars


Crows are gossips
Be careful what you say around them
That being said, if you want to know something
Find one and ask him
They have much to say
Wanted or not
About the world, the neighborhood, the local cat
Find one who is willing
You can tell by the way
He cocks his head
 Black eyes shining
He knows, he knows
Ask him

The Other Side of the Door

Do I really know what lies beyond my front door?
There is the porch, level and solid
And the stairs, of course, leading to the little stone path
Which leads to the sidewalk
Which offers a choice: right or left
And there’s the problem:
Which way to go?
The first choice in a day filled with choices
Choices I can’t imagine or control
And I haven’t even had my coffee!
I think I’ll just stay on this side of the door
And go back to bed

Kathleen Collins

The next Adult Creative Writing Group is Wednesday, June 28, from 7-8 p.m.

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate