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When it comes to listening to music, I have a few bands that I tend to listen to all the time. I know what I like and I stick to it. But, a few weeks ago, while out for coffee with an old friend, this band was suggested to me. “Since you like bluegrass,” he said, “you might enjoy the Oh Hellos. I just discovered them the other night.” I was quick to argue that I wasn’t really a bluegrass fan, even though the t-shirt I was currently wearing was for my all-time favorite band…and a bluegrass one at that!

I guess you shouldn’t lie to your friends…or to yourself. I actually really love bluegrass and folk music (although most of my favorite bands are rock groups). And after listening to the Oh Hellos, I have to admit that I was now a huge fan of theirs as well. This folksy brother-sister duo completely wormed its way into my heart, and I’ve devoured as much of their music a I could get my hands on. Fortunately for us, there is plenty to listen to in Hoopla!

This folksy duo takes much of its inspiration from books (a librarian’s dream!) with special emphasis paid to the writings of C.S. Lewis (see the album Dear Wormwood, below) and Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller series. If you’re looking for something to while you enjoy some delightful music, consider checking out The Screwtape Letters and The Name of the Wind.

Oh Hello
Recommended Song: “Lay Me Down”

Through the Deep, Dark Valley
Recommended Song: “Eat You Alive”

Dear Wormwood
Recommended Song: “Dear Wormwood”

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