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There’s something scary going on at your library–and it happens once a month!

March 5, 2023– The Westlake Porter Public Library Horror Film Club celebrated our 8th anniversary! We are delighted to see that the group is still going strong after eight years, not even allowing COVID to stop us (we moved online starting May 2020 and have finally returned to in-person meetings). In July 2023, we’ll celebrate 100 meetings!

But, what is the Horror Film Club, exactly?

The Horror Film Club (or HFC for short!) is a group of dedicated library patrons (and a couple of staff) who meet every month to watch chillers from the annuls of Horror, Science Fiction, and Mystery. All of our films are from the 1920s through the 1960s, and we especially love binging on titles with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, and the like.

Over the course of our 8 years, we’ve seen 96 films, ranging from the well-made and well-know, such as The Wolf Man, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, Nosferatu, and Psycho to the cheap, bargain-basement chillers, such as Rogue’s Tavern, The Invisible Ghost, My Son the Vampire, and The Terror. Each meeting is a laid-back opportunity to watch a film and enjoy a snack. And we don’t force you to stick around for conversation afterwards. Rather than hosting a library-led discussion, fiends (that’s what we call ourselves!) are encouraged to stick around and chat over leftover popcorn with the Horror Hostess and each other.

How do you join?

Joining is as easy as showing up! You can register in advance on our website and then join us for a night of thrills and chills! You may notice on our website that only the next meeting film is listed. This is because each month, before the meeting even starts, we vote for our next title. Voting is as simple as casting your ballot into the bag–your Hostess will have chosen four titles to choose from, complete with posters and descriptions, and all you have to do is pick.

We are always looking for fresh blood…

…but joining up doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment! So, come and check us out, see what fun we have to offer, and join us for our next film. We’ll be viewing a classic from the Universal Frankenstein series, about a mad doctor who breaks out of jail, hellbent on revenge. His fiendish mind constructs a terrifying plan involving Count Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster, and the Wolf Man, all of who come together for the first time in this explosive and deliciously devious tale of vengeance!

So, are you scared yet?

If you’re still looking for more, consider checking out the Horror Film Club newsletter, Notes from the Vault. Every month, the Horror Hostess recaps the previous meeting and includes articles, film and book lists, and more! You can read the newsletter online or subscribe with your email address to have it delivered right to your inbox!


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