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Looking for ways to keep your back strong and healthy? Check out the list below for some ideas in books, DVDs, and eBooks.

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Print titles for Back Care

The Sitting Disease: restore your posture and eliminate body pain in 10 minutes a day
Sit Strong: everyday exercises to stretch and strengthen your posture
Sit up Straight: future-proof your body against chronic pain with 12 simple movements
Sit to Get Fit: change the way you sit in 28 days for health, energy, and longevity
Exercises for Perfect Posture: stand tall program for better health through good posture

DVDs for Back Care

Yoga for the Rest of Us: back care basics
Yoga for Total Back Care
Tai Chit Fit for a Healthy Back
Chest & Back Workout for Seniors

Back Health on the Digital Shelf

Smart Guide to Healing Back Pain
Hoopla eBook
Essential Lower Back Pain Exercise Guide
Hoopla eBook

Back RX
Overdrive/Libby eBook

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