The picture books on this list all have one thing in common: there is a hungry monster looking for some sort of delicious, crunchable snack! Whether it’s a tasty child or a little mouse, these monsters are all ready to munch! But, don’t worry: there may be monsters here, but they’re not too scary. Grab a snack and your favorite kids and curl up on the couch with some scary-good tales of silly creatures with big appetites!

The Day Louis Got Eaten (John Fardell)

Watch out for the Gulper! This monster will swallow you whole! When Louis gets eaten up by a Gulper, his big sister Sarah knows she has to act fast, and she sets off in hot pursuit. But rescuing a boy from a Gulper’s tummy isn’t so simple–especially when other strange and scary creatures are looking for their dinner too… Sarah’s attempts to save her brother soon involve having to save her brother’s eater, as each successive monster is swallowed up by one bigger and badder than them!

Full of silly situations, monsters munching monsters, and a couple of brave children, this is a great story for children to read with their favorite adults.

I Just ate My Friend (Heidi McKinnon)

This hilariously deadpan story is a tale of friendship…and food. Our monster narrator is very, very sad. Why? Because he needs a friend, of course! Doesn’t everyone need a friend? But, why doesn’t he have any friends? That’s a bit more of a complicated issue…you see, he ate the last one. It was a pity really. He was a good friend, and now he’s gone.

So, this silly monster is on the hunt to find himself a new friend. But, when the friend you’re replacing ended his career on the menu, it’s hard to convince someone else to take his place. Will the monster be able to find himself a new friend?

The Gruffalo (Julia Donaldson)

Poor Mouse just barely avoids becoming the meal of three hungry predators– by making up an outlandish story about how he is going to go and visit his dear friend, the Gruffalo. After each encounter, the story grows increasingly outlandish, as Mouse adds more and more details to the Gruffalo’s absurd appearance (from a warty nose to knobby knees). And of course, Mouse’s made-up monster also loves nothing more than to make a meal of the predators who are trying to eat him, from snakes to foxes and owls.

But, when it turns out the Gruffalo actually exists, Mouse finds himself in a real pickle as he tries to figure out how to survive being eaten by the creature he thought he made up!

The Book of Rules (Brian Gehrlein)

Oh no! Rules are no fun to follow! But, if you don’t follow all of the rules in the Book of Rules, Dennis, the monster will eat you! And you don’t want to be Dennis-food, do you?? This hilarious book is a great interactive title that is especially fun to read out loud.

Incredibly silly, well-illustrated, and a lot of fun, this is a great book to give children a case of the giggles, and have a little fun at storytime. Don’t worry–no children were eaten in the making of this book, and as long as your little readers pay attention and do as their told, they should be just fine, as well!

Bob’s Hungry Ghost (Genevieve Cote)

Bob wanted a dog for his birthday, but somehow, he ended up with a ghost for a pet instead. And his name is Fluffy. But, the problem with Fluffy is that he doesn’t play fetch. Or go for walks or even do tricks. All he does is eat. Everything. Soon, he’s gobbled up all of Bob’s things and even poor Bob himself! Will Bob find a way to tame his misbehaving ghost (and to save himself)? Will Fluffy realize that it’s not nice to eat our friends? All’s well that ends well in this sweet and silly book that reminds children the importance of appreciating what you have.

A Monster is Eating This Book (Karen Kilpatrick)

Well, we’re in trouble now! There’s a sleeping monster in this book! And to make matters worse, this monster is very, very hungry. We need to be extra quiet to make sure that it doesn’t wake up. But, of course, the monster does wake up, and the readers will have to figure out how they are going to finish the book as the words are getting munched and gulped right off the page! But who, or what is this monster exactly? The answer, you will find, is absolutely adorable! Perfect for fan of interactive monster books, this is a sweet and silly title to read aloud with your little monsters.

The Whopper (Rebecca Ashdown)

Percy told a lie. But, the problem is that telling the lie summoned the Whopper–a big monster who follows Percy around. As Percy’s guilt over the lie grows, so does the Whopper, until it’s so big that it could gobble up Percy if it wanted to–and it does! Oh no! Percy quickly realizes that the only way to keep the Whopper from getting bigger is to finally tell the truth. This story is a great lesson for children of the importance of being honest, even when it’s hard, and teaches them that sometimes the guilt that comes along with a lie can be more destructive than the lie itself, and that the consequences of it can quickly get out of control.


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