Nothing says welcome like a home cooked meal. Better yet…a home cooked meal from a country of origin. Did you know that you can access cookbooks from countries all over the world 24/7 through Hoopla? Here is a list of some of the best! (The last title is only available in print on our shelves.)

Good Asian dishes are so much more than rice. This easy to read compilation of recipes covers several countries of Asia, from China to the Philippines. And, even if you don’t have 30 minutes don’t worry. Many of these dishes can be pulled together in less time. Try the Spinach with Toasted Sesame Seeds (Japan) for an interesting salad choice.

Yes, you can cook Indian food in a slow cooker, and it’s awesome! This wonderful cookbook by Anypy Singla includes several of her family recipes and instructions on how to make the most out of your slow cooker. Try the Traditional Chicken Curry (chapter 5) for a real treat!

This interesting a colorful cookbook takes Paleo cooking to another level. This dynamic duo come up with a slew of Asian inspired recipes that make eating healthy simple and easy. The best part of this book is the colorful step by step directions, and the graphic novel inspired layout. Try the Magic Mushroom Powder on p. 27.

Edisto Island is just off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, and has a history of isolation from the South due to its separation from the mainland. The Gullah Geechee people have a history of being enslaved from the West and central Africa region. Because of this island’s isolation, the people of this Lowcountry community have a profound influence from their African culture in their culture and food. Emily Megget is known as the matriarch of Edisto Island, and her home cooking recipes will astound you and transport you to the wonderful flavor of this island community. Try the Baked Cheese Grits on p. 64.

Beautiful photos of Italian food delicately prepared make this ebook a cook’s dream. Try the bread and tomato soup on p. 21 for a delectable take on tomato puree.

The Berlin Curd Cheese Cookies (p. 55) are to die for. So good. These amazing recipes run the gamut of flavors, and feature classic ingredients like smetana, or Ukranian sour cream. Try this one for hearty dishes that will keep you warm in the dead of winter.

Oaxaca is a famous LA restaurant known for its amazing home cooked dishes from the heart of Mexico. This lovely compilation of its famous dishes will open your eyes and taste buds to the complexities and fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine.

This cookbook features several recipes for dishes with kosher ingredients that satisfy. Each main course is followed with a menu of accompanying recommendations from the book for Shabbat dinner. It includes a useful description of the history of Jewish cultures and traditions behind celebrating the Jewish Sabbath.

Middle Eastern food goes way beyond hummus, as this lovely book proves. For years, Sahadi’s Market in Brooklyn, New York has been known for selling fresh quality Middle Eastern food. This book presents a guide for choosing the right ingredients and combining them in the right recipes.

Admittedly, these recipes are not for the faint of heart (case in point: the Iranian Stuffed Whole Lamb on p. 96), but the title is appropriate. What an amazing selection of dishes with beautiful photographs to accompany. Try the Sweet Couscous on p. 271 for an easy base dish for any meal.

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate