cover of Ice Cream Face
Ice Cream Face by Heidi Woodward Sheffield

The Ezra Jack Keats Award–winning author Heidi Woodward Sheffield brings to life the anxiety and excitement involved in waiting for ice cream in Ice Cream Face! Every meal should include ice cream, in any form, and in every flavor, according to this ice-cream loving boy. He loves it all! What he doesn’t love is seeing other people with ice cream…while he’s still waiting in line for his. Enjoy this sweet treat of a read and then create an ice cream treat of your own.

Ice Cream Treat Craft


  1. White Paper
  2. Paint color/s of your choice
  3. Aluminum foil and/or plastic wrap
  4. Paper plate or paint tray
  5. Brown paper or Paper Bag
  6. Crayons
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue


  1. Draw large circles on white paper. These will be the ice cream scoops. Make as many “scoops” as you want for your ice cream cone.
  2. Wad up piece of aluminum foil or plastic wrap into a ball shape.
  3. Pour paint color/s out on paper plate or paint tray.
  4. Dab your ball of foil or plastic wrap into the paint and gently press on “scoop” shape. Keep dabbing and pressing until your scoop/s are full of color. Continue with different paints, if desired.
  5. Let scoops dry.
  6. Use a crayon or pencil to make a triangle shape on the brown paper or paper bag. This will be your ice cream cone.
  7. Cut out cone.
  8. Color, if desired.
  9. When scoops are dry, cut out. Shape the scoops as needed.
  10. Glue cone and scoops together or on to another sheet of paper.
  11. Decorate.
  12. Enjoy your sweet ice cream treat!
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Step 4
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Step 4
Step 5
Step 7
Step 9
Finished Craft