The last two years saw the annual WPPL Egg Drop Challenge as a streamed event. This year, we are back in person and the splatters will be heard live in our lobby. What is the Egg Drop Challenge? Glad you asked.

Every year in July WPPL celebrates STEAM Week (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math). Our centerpiece event is the Egg Drop Challenge. Kids up through 4th grade have a chance to build a contraption out of the materials in the Egg Drop kit. What’s in the kit? Click play on the clip below to see the materials.

As you build, keep in mind your contraption has to survive The Drop Zone.

Your contraption will need to keep a raw egg safe as it falls 18′ down to the floor.

Test your skills on July 21st. Building will begin at 11am and the Egg Drop will start at 12pm. Even if you aren’t participating, join us in the lobby to see what contraptions will be declared winners in the 2022 Egg Drop Challenge.