Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! I want to see bugs! Bob Barner’s Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! is filled with bright and colorful illustrations of bugs that seem to bounce off the page. Check out Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! from our library or check out a digital copy. You can also use your library card to access TumbleBooks and have an animated version of the story read to you. TumbleBooks is free with your library card!

Mouse toy wearing bug headband

After sharing the story, make a ladybug headband and have a bug adventure of your own!

Ladybug Headband

Supplies Needed:

  1. Red, black, and white construction paper
  2. Black marker or crayon
  3. Tape
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. White crayon or colored pencil
  7. Optional: 1/2 inch paper hole puncher


  1. Use scissors to cut red paper into thirds.
  2. Use glue or tape to attach red paper to make band. Make sure there is enough band to fit around head. (Keep flat until finished with project!)
  3. Use scissors to cut out ladybug’s head from black paper.
  4. Cut a thin strip from the black paper for the antenna.
  5. Glue head to center of band.
  6. Cut out or use hole puncher from black paper.
  7. Glue OR draw spots on red band.
  8. Cut out eyes for ladybug from white paper. Finish the eyes with black marker.
  9. Glue eyes to head.
  10. Take the thin black strip of black paper and fold it to make a “V” shape. Glue or tape to back of head.
  11. Use white crayon to draw on ladybug’s mouth.
  12. Fit to head and tape! You can read the book again or sing along to a ladybug picnic!