In celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander culture, diversity and heritage, please enjoy this selection of movies and documentaries, some available on Hoopla and Kanopy.

The Farewell
available on Kanopy

This heartwarming movie is about a family who will do anything rather than let their beloved grandmother Nai Nai know she is dying. Awkwafina plays her very close granddaughter who needs her grandmother to navigate the drama of young adulthood, but struggles to keep her diagnosis secret.

avaliable on DVD

A Korean family moves to a small town in the rural South, with the goal of restarting their family. They settle into a trailer, and try to start their own farm. Their grandmother comes to visit, and soon learns she has a special bond with their young son.

To Be Takei
available on Kanopy

To be Takei is a documentary about acclaimed Japanese American actor and activist George Takei. Learn about his many diverse roles, and his work to blaze a trail for same-sex couples.

available on Kanopy

Gaysians is a thought-provoking short documentary on gay and transgender Asian Americans and their relationships with their friends and families.

Meet the Patels
available on Kanopy

Ravi Patel is a 30-year-old Indian-American who has just broken up with his white girlfriend. Now he is faced with trying to find a wife through the traditional Indian matchmaking process.

The Wedding Banquet
available on Kanopy

A gay man marries a woman in a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony to appease his parents and secure her a green card. When he arrives home he finds that his parents want to plan him a wedding banquet in America,.

Grace Lee Project
available on Kanopy

Grace Lee finds that there are several people with her name in the American big cities she lives in. For some reason, everyone has assumptions about these individuals that align with Asian stereotypes. She sets out to explore why that is.

The Joy Luck Club
available on Hoopla

A young woman is invited to join the mahjong group of her deceased mother. She learns the stories of the club’s three “aunties”, and the various difficult events that affected the legacy they passed on to their daughters.

available on Kanopy

A young Korean man is able to get his family members jobs with the wealthy family he tutors for. Soon they find out that the family has a dark secret.

The Big Sick
available on DVD

A young Pakistani-American comedian falls in love with a young woman who soon finds out she has a serious illness.

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate