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It will come as no surprise to my readers that I read a lot of different things. And sometimes, I don’t have the time to sit down with a whole book and read it cover to cover. Oftentimes, I’ll read for about five or ten minutes before it’s time to move on to something new. Other times, I just want to know a bit about some of the interesting books that are out there, even if I don’t want to read them all the way through. Sometimes, it’s fun to just sample. And if those samples went directly to my inbox, that would be even better!

Well, if any of those above comments sound like something you might say, then I have a real treat for you! If you haven’t already tried our online book clubs, I strongly suggest you take a look.

Here’s how it works. Go to our website, www.westlakelibrary.org, and select BOOKS MOVIES AND MORE → BOOK DISCUSSION. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find ONLINE BOOK CLUBS. You’ll also find links on the Blogs and Newsletters page and other pages on our site. (Or you can link directly to the Online Book Clubs here and save yourself the trouble!) All you have to do next is sign up for the genres that interest you (you can choose all of them or some combination). Each week day (Monday through Friday), you’ll be sent a five-minute excerpt from the weeks’ chosen book. Visit your inbox each day for a short reading, plus some wit and wisdom from Suzanne Beecher, who coordinates the program and shares her column at the start of each email. Suzanne has all kinds of interesting stories to share, as well as recipes, fun pictures, trivia, and a yearly writing contest!

Best of all, if you like what you’ve been reading, there’s a link in each email that will take you to our catalog to put the book on hold, so you never have to wonder what happens next.

There are twelve different categories to choose from, including Business, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, and even Classics. If you’re still looking for more, you can also check out First Look Book Club (the same structure as the online book clubs, but with different book selections), as well as Author Buzz and Kids Buzz, which allows you to “meet” some of your favorite authors and to win fun prizes and giveaways.

Sounds interesting? If so, head on over to our website and sign up. The new books start on Monday, so depending on when you register, you might not see anything for a few days. But, never fear—your new favorite book is coming!

Online Book Clubs logo links to http://westlake.dailybookclubs.com/


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