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Love is in the air and between the pages of our favorite manga! Why not check out some of the romantic reads we have here at the library? From slow burn steamers to paranormal partnerships, we have a little bit of everything for the manga fan in love with love!

Sumi Kitamura is in a terrible bind. Her family is terribly poor and her irresponsible, but soft-hearted older brother Eisuke keepings brining home orphans for Sumi to care for–when they can barely afford to feed and clothe themselves! Things go from bad to worse when Eisuke gambles away the rest of their money and the debt collectors threaten to take the children away as payment. Sumi’s only recourse is to sell herself on the streets. But, her first customer has a strange proposal for her: marry him and he will provide her with all the money she needs. However, she must not under any circumstances fall in love with him, and he will not fall in love with her. Sumi is desperate, so she agrees, but can she trick society into believing she’s a high-class lady? And how will she ever be able to commit herself to a loveless marriage when her heart belongs to another man? Stepping on Roses is a beautiful, thrilling slow-burn romance that manga readers are sure to love.

It should come as no surprise that I love the series Kamisama Kiss. After all, I’ve talked about it enough. But for those of you who missed my previous posts, let me tell you a little about this supernatural romantic comedy. Nanami Momozono is abandoned by her father and left with his substantial gambling debts. When her landlord evicts her, she has the good fortune to save a strange man from a dog, and in return, he offers her his house, as he doesn’t need it anymore. Nanami is desperate, so she accepts, and the stranger seals the deal with a kiss on her forehead. But, what Nanami doesn’t realize is that the man was no man at all, but an earth god. And that “house” he offered her was actually a shrine. And with a kiss, he has passed along his godhood to her. Now, Nanami must contend with trying to be a new god, while also a normal high school student. But, if that wasn’t hard enough, she’s falling for her seriously hot new familiar, Tomoe, who completely hates her, and all sorts of dangerous yokai are crawling out of the woodwork, eager to devour the delicious new land god and capture her powers for themselves. This series is perfect for readers who enjoy enemies to lovers and a good, slow burn romance.

If you enjoy the “fake dating” romance trope, then you’ll enjoy Takane and Hana. After her older sister refuses to go to her arranged marriage meeting with Takane Saibara, the crazy-rich heir to a vast business fortune, Hana Nonomura agrees to be her sister’s stand-in to save the family from the embarrassment of standing up such an influential suitor. The only issue is that the family leads Takane to believe that Hana is actually her older sister! And when the two opposites meet for the first time, sparks start to fly. After a disastrous first impression, Hana is convinced that she’ll never had to see that awful jerk again. But, it looks like her outburst didn’t ruin her chances, as Takane seems really interested in her! And no matter what she throws at him, he is not deterred. And even though Hana is put off by his snobbery, pettiness, and immature attitude, she finds herself starting to fall for him, too. And she begins to wonder if this couldn’t possibly lead to something special in the end.

Tomo and Jun have been friends for as long as they can remember. The problem is that Tomo is starting to develop feelings that go beyond mere friendship. But, her chances of actually dating Jun fall apart completely because he keeps treating her like one of the guys! Sure, Tomo is a tomboy, but she’s still a woman! How can you confess your feelings to someone if they don’t even know who you really are? Tomo-Chan is a Girl is a sweet and funny friends-to-lovers romance featuring a wide cast of interesting and endearing characters, and is told completely through four-panel comics. Will Tomo ever be able to express her feelings to Jun, or will his obliviousness ruin all her chances?

Asahi lives in modern-day Japan, but a tumble into the pond in her yard plunges her hundreds of years into the past. When she’s discovered by a group of villagers, her red hair and grey eyes draw her some unwanted attention and the villagers sacrifice her to the Water Dragon god as his “bride”. These sacrifices are not new to the local deity, who is usually content to watch as his “wives” drown. But, something is different about Asahi. He rescues her, keeping her prisoner in his underwater home, and steals her voice. And then, without warning, he releases her into the human world. Now, trapped in the past, surrounded by people who fear and distrust her, and unable to speak for herself, Asahi finds herself followed by a mysterious deity who despite his coldness seems very interested in her. The Water Dragon’s Bride is an excellent series for those readers who are interested in a slow-build romance with a historical and mythological twist.


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