Read It, Make It: No Two Alike by Keith Baker

“No two snowflakes are alike. Almost, almost but not quite,” are the opening lines of the picture book No Two Alike by Keith Baker. The story goes on to compare other items that are similar but not exactly the same, including you and me. The delightful illustrations are an enticement to go outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of winter. After you get your fill of winter wonderment in the great outdoors, gather your craft supplies and create your own unique snowflakes!

Cover image for No Two Alike

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  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads – pony beads work well because the hole is large enough
  • Scissors


  1. Cut two pipe cleaners in half. Since all snowflakes have 6 sides, the snowflake will be made with 3 of these pieces (halves).
  2. Twist two pipe cleaners together in the middle. Twist the third pipe cleaner around the first two.
  3. Add beads. I used 5 beads on each of the 6 points.
  4. Make a loop at the end of each pipe cleaner and push into hole of the last bead threaded.