Read It, Make It: Little Bat in Night School by Brian Lies

Little Bat was so excited to start school that he couldn’t sleep. He had all of his supplies and was ready to meet some new bat friends. However, when he got to night school, the building was bigger than he expected and at first he didn’t see any other bats. Read Little Bat in night school by Brian Lies to find out what happens next. Little Bat happens to be a brown bat, but when you are completing the Hanging Bat Craft, you may make your bat any color you want!

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Hanging Bat Craft


  • Cardboard tube (cut paper towel roll or toilet paper roll)
  • Glue (glue stick or liquid glue)
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Markers
  • Single hole punch


  1. Prepare cardboard tube in a color of your choosing. You may do this by gluing construction paper around tube, painting tube, coloring tube with markers or leave its natural color.
  2. Make wings out of construction paper. Fold wings in half to find the center. Glue center to back of prepared cardboard tube. Bat Wing Template
  3. Make ears by cutting two small triangles out of construction paper. Glue to inside of tube.
  4. Glue googly eyes to front of tube.
  5. Punch two holes in the back of the tube for the pipe cleaner legs.
  6. Cut pipe cleaner in half, then cut off about one inch off of each half. Insert long piece into hole and secure by twisting around itself.
  7. To make the feet, wrap the one-inch piece of pipe cleaner around the bottom of each leg. Fold the middle part of the foot to make a hook for hanging.
  8. Hang on tree branch in a vase or on a decorative banner.