.Environmental wellness is a term established by the Center for Environmental Health in 1980. Having been established approximately 40 years ago, it is a relatively new concept. Environmental wellness refers to maintaining good health by inhabiting a pleasant environment. An individual interested in Environmental Health wants their environment to support their personal well being.

What can you do to improve or practice good environmental wellness? There are numerous ways to protect yourself and those around you as you practice environmental wellness. There are books written and websites devoted to the subject. Below are a few examples to help you achieve Environmental Wellness.

Remove Clutter From Your Home

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Find this title in the catalog

There are many benefits to an uncluttered home. Living in an uncluttered home can reduce stress and anxiety. You may be feeling stressed or anxious and not attribute it to being surrounded by clutter. Cleaning out the clutter will give you a sense of accomplishment and well-being. Uncluttered homes collect less dust, therefore require less work to keep clean. It is also cost effective to maintain an uncluttered home. An uncluttered home tends to be more attractive, so an individual would be more likely to invite friends and family to visit. Overall, maintaining an uncluttered home gives an individual time to focus on other more important issues.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

The use of natural cleaning products can greatly increase the health of an individual and the surrounding environment. Natural cleaning products do not contain harmful chemicals and are safer for your family. The use of natural cleaning products is important if you have children or pets.

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Natural De-greasing Spray

A natural and economical kitchen spray can be made from lemon peels and white vinegar. Soak the lemon peels in the vinegar from 1-3 weeks (I use a mason jar). Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner on the area to be cleaned and wipe with a dry cloth. This cleaner acts as a degreaser and will leave a pleasant smell in your kitchen.

Eliminate or Cut Down on Junk Mail

Another example of practicing environmental wellness is eliminating or cutting down on junk mail. There are many benefits to eliminating junk mail. The less junk mail sent out means less resources used and less items entering your home. Many people don’t look at the junk mail they receive. It is more efficient to eliminate the mail before it is sent to your home. A simple internet search will reveal many companies to assist in eliminating junk mail. Make sure to do your research before providing any personal information.

Use Alternate Transportation

Our last example of practicing environmental wellness involves alternate transportation. While it may not always be an option to use alternate transportation, cutting down on the trips in a car is always a good start. If you have the option to walk or ride a bike to a destination, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity. Not only is it healthy to spend time in the outdoors, it cuts down on emissions released into the environment.

Carpooling or taking the bus to work is another option to take advantage of alternate transportation. If you are going on a long trip consider taking a train or bus, as opposed to driving.

There are so many ways to practice environmental wellness and we only named a few. Start slow and incorporate a few practices into you daily life. You can slowly add different environmental wellness practices to your daily routine. Soon you will see a difference in your well-being and know you are making a difference in the environment.