When I started looking for scientific/medical resources espousing the mental health benefits of crafting, I found primarily anecdotal evidence. This anecdotal evidence was mostly about knitting and crocheting and some was provided by various “crafting” resources so not very “scientific” at all.

Although I am not an expert on crafting or mental health, I do know that crafting in various forms does something to calm the mind for many people. Which crafting form you choose depends on your personal interests. It could be knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, stamping, flower arranging, woodworking, painting, drawing, jewelry making, journaling, coloring, etc. The list appears to be endless. So, even without the scientific or medical resources stating the mental health benefits of crafting, it might be worth a try. What have you got to lose?

Many arts and crafts have seen a resurgence since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some have used crafting as something to do while being “stuck” at home, while others may use it as a form of meditation or prayer.

In a blog post written by Ashley Foster January 24, 2019 on the University of Arkansas website, the following benefits of crafting are listed:

  • Reduced stress. 
  • Helps relieve and reduce depression and anxiety. 
  • Projects help build self-esteem. 
  • Decreased risk of cognitive impairment as you age. 
  • Can help with insomnia. 
  • Relaxation reduces irritability and restlessness. 
  • Builds community and friendships. 
  • Can help with grief processing. 

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Cover image for First art kit : creative papercraft remedies for what ails you
Cover image for Make it modern macramé : the boho-chic guide to making rainbow wraps, knotted feathers, woven coasters & more


Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop
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