Read It Make It: Three Lines in a Circle: The Exciting Life of the Peace Symbol

It is hard to believe that the Peace Symbol that we know and love today was slow to catch on when it was first introduced. As you will discover as you read Three Lines in a Circle: The Exciting Life of the Peace Symbol written by Michael G. Long and Illustrated by Carlos Velez, the symbol was initially dreamed up to promote nuclear disarmament.

The peace symbol uses letters adapted from semaphore, the alphabet used by people sending messages by flags.

The peace symbol has gone on to represent many other specific causes like Black Lives Matter, Anti-War, Ending Gun Violence, and Pride. Overall, it represents standing up for Peace for All!

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International Day of Peace – September 21, 2021
Theme: Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. The United Nations invites all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities during the Day, and to otherwise commemorate the Day through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

Peace Sign Craft


  • White paper plate
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Washable tempura paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Cup of water to clean paintbrush


  1. Place one strip of tape across the back of the paper plate.
  2. Place two smaller pieces of tape starting at the middle and going down and out on either side to form the “legs” of the peace sign.
  3. Press on tape to make sure it is solidly attached to the paper plate.
  4. Paint with washable tempura paint. You may also use markers, crayons, watercolors, etc.
  5. Allow paint to dry.
  6. Remove tape slowly to reveal your groovy peace symbol.