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Celebrate STEAM Week with us by taking a look at some of the coolest animals in the ocean: whales. Your library has a ton of interesting books on whales for you to check out! Each section on this list talks includes books for different kinds of whales, from beluga whales to orcas, and narwhals! These books are intended for kids, but anyone can read them. Interested adults will also find some additional books at the bottom of the page.

Let’s Learn about Whales!

The books in this section will teach us all about all kinds of whales! If you’re not sure what whale you’d like to learn about, these will be a great place to start! Learn about what they eat, where they live, and more!

A Book About Whales (Andrea Antinori)

Whales (Cari Meister)

Wonderful Whales (Bobbie Kalman)

How Long is a Whale? (Alison Limentani)

Blue Whales

Did you know that blue whales are the biggest animals in the world? They’re even bigger than elephants! Learn even more fun facts about these aquatic giants with these books!

Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem (Mac Barnett)

Blue Whales (Ruth Bjorklund)

Blue Whales Up Close (Jody Sullivan Rake)

Humpback Whales

Despite being one of the bigger types of whales, humpback whales are surprisingly gentle creatures! To learn even more about these gentle giants, check out some of these books!

Humpback Whale: The Singer (Natalie Lunis)

Humpback Whales Up Close (Jody Sullivan Rake)

Migrating with the Humpback Whale (Thessaly Catt)

Gray Whales

The gray whale is about the size of a school bus! And be careful–they’re so aggressive that they’re known as “devil fish”! Check out these books to learn more about gray whales!

When Whales Cross the Sea: A Gray Whale Migration (Sharon Katz Cooper)

Gray Whales (John F. Prevost)

Little Whale (Jo Weaver)

Beluga Whales

Did you know that baby beluga whales start off as a dark grey color and become white as they get older? These friendly-looking sea creatures live in Arctic and subarctic waters, where their blubber keeps them from getting too cold. These books will teach you all kinds of interesting things about beluga whales!

Beluga Whales (Ann Squire)

Beluga Whales Up Close (Jody Sullivan Rake)

Beluga Whales: Animals of the Snow and Ice (Elaine Landau)

Killer Whales

Did you know killer whales (also known as orcas) aren’t really whales? They are actually more closely related to dolphins, but we think they’re so cool, we’re including on our list of whales anyway!

A Killer Whale’s World (Caroline Arnold)

How Would You Survive a Killer Whale? (David Stewart)

Killer Whale: The World’s Largest Dolphin (Natalie Lunis)


Did you know that the narwhal’s horn is not actually a horn? It’s a tusk-like tooth! And believe it or not, that’s the only tooth they have! These arctic whales are also incredibly shy!

Narwhal Whales Up Close (Jody Sullivan Rake)

Narwhals (Jessie Alkire)

Narwhals and Other Whales (Mary Pope Osborne)

Whale Books for Adults!

Let’s wrap up this list with some whaling books for the adults! We have plenty of interesting titles for everyone to enjoy!

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (Annalisa Berta)

Fathoms: The World of the Whale (Rebecca Giggs)

Among Giants: A Life with Whales (Flip Nicklin)


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