My three-year-old niece calls them “chirpers.” When she sees one bouncing about the yard, she insists on trying to get closer by lowering her voice and walking on tip toe. I am always afraid of her disappointment as we sneak closer to the bird, and it quickly flies off. But she just laughs and looks for the next one.

For STEAM week this year, I thought I might learn more about these “chirpers” who hold such fascination for her and fill my parents’ yard with song and activity. The library has plenty of titles devoted to bird identification and bird behavior. I have listed some titles below that will help you get started. You can also come to the library and browse for additional titles. Sit in the Reading Garden or take a stroll along the ArtWalk – and see how many “chirpers” you can identify!

Learn about bird behavior, bird identification, and how to prepare your backyard

Backyard Birding: A Guide to Attracting and Identifying Birds
Attracting Birds to Your Backyard: 536 Ways to Turn Your Yard and Garden into a Heaven for Your Favorite Birds
For the Birds: A Month-by-Month Guide for Attracting Birds to Your Backyard
Why Birds Do That: 40 Distinctive Bird Behaviors Explained and Photographed
Field Guide to Birds of Ohio
What’s that Bird? A Beginner’s Guide
Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America
National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America

Enjoy these titles with your little bird watcher

Look Up! Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard
How to Find a Bird
Birdology: 30 Activities and Observations for Exploring the World of Birds