Welcome Little Learners! Each month this summer, we will focus on skills and activities that will help grow your brain power this summer!

This month’s Little Learners Box is all about measuring!

Inside your Little Learners Box, you have your very own copy of Inch by Inch by Cathy Marks Krpan & Larry Swartz. After you’ve finished reading your book, complete the worksheet tucked inside and then be sure to add the book to your home library.

Inch by Inch ( Leveled Math Readers )

In Inch by Inch, there is a ruler on each set of pages to measure various objects on the pages while playing I Spy. Do you remember any of the objects you were asked to Spy? What did you see that was one inch, three inches, six inches, or a foot? Aside from a ruler, what else can you use to measure objects? What can you use to measure cooking ingredients? What was the smallest object and what was the largest object?

Your Little Learners Box also includes a measuring tape, pencil, playdough, jumping frogs, set of Ice Pop Makers and Juice Pop Recipe and a variety of measurement worksheets.

Want to continuing learning about measuring and measurements? Check out one of these titles from the library! Just click on the image for book details and to place a hold.

Cover image for Ivy makes a craft : a book about measuring
Cover image for Using rulers and tape measures
Cover image for Making snacks with math!
Cover image for Using scales and balances
Cover image for Jefferson measures a moose

Have fun completing the rest of the activities in your box and stayed tuned for August’s Little Learner Box!