Welcome Little Learners! Each month this summer, we will focus on skills and activities that will help grow your brain power this summer!

This month’s Little Learners Box is all about plants!

Inside your Little Learners Box, you have your very own copy of Lois Ehlert’s Growing Vegetable Soup. After you’ve finished reading your book, complete the worksheet tucked inside and then be sure to add the book to your home library.

In Growing Vegetable Soup, a father and his child plant a garden. Do you remember any of the vegetables they planted together? What is your favorite vegetable? Do you have a garden at home? If you could design your own garden, what would you fill it with? Remember gardens don’t have to include just vegetables. Are there any fruits, flowers or plants you would like to include?

Your Little Learners Box also included a greenhouse craft with some seeds to grow your own bean sprout. Follow the directions provided in your box to plant your seeds and then be sure to hang your greenhouse on a window and watch it grow! Use the plant journal provided to document by drawing or writing what is happening to your plant as it sprouts. Do you remember what two VERY important things are needed for plants to grow? How about the parts of a plant? If you need help remembering the parts of a plant, watch the short video below from PBS Learning Media – Hero Elementary.


Things to think about when documenting your plants progress:
*How much sunlight is your plant receiving?
*How much water is your plant receiving?
*Does your plant need extra “food”?
*What colors do you see in your plant?
*How tall is your plant?

Want to continuing learning about plants and veggies? Check out one of these titles from the library! Just click on the image for book details and to place a hold

Have fun completing the rest of the activities in your box and stayed tuned for July’s Little Learner Box!