In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, here is a selection of movies that run the gamut…from the darker side of motherhood, to the humor in motherhood, to the part that pulls at your heartstrings, to the parts of motherhood we just don’t talk about. Motherhood in the movies.

Lady Bird DVD cover

Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, Lady Bird is the story of a teenage girl who struggles to grow up and clashes with her mother.

Juno DVD cover


Juno finds herself a pregnant teen, and unsure of what to do.

Breaking In DVD cover

Breaking In

A woman risks everything to save her family during a home invasion.

Mother DVD cover


Albert Brooks plays a man recently divorced who moves back in with his mother to change his life.

Tully Blu-Ray cover


Charlize Theron is Marlo, a struggling mother who befriends her newborn’s night nurse Tully.

Mother (Madeo) DVD cover

Mother (Madeo)

A mother desperately hunts for the killer who framed her son for murder. (Korean)

The Kids Are All Right

A same-sex couple reconnects with their childrens’ biological father.