Here at Watch It Make It (Read It Make It) we are pairing a simple craft with the movie A Costume for Nicolas. Below you will find instructions for a monkey mask of your own. Make the mask before the movie and you can dress up along with Nicolas.


  • One white paper plate
  • One large craft stick
  • black and brown crayon or marker
  • One tan piece of construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. As shown in the picture above, remove the middle of the paper plate with the scissors. Be sure to leave a little peak on one side of the paper plate (You will need a caring adult to help with this step).
  2. Color one entire side the paper plate brown with a crayon or marker.
  3. Cut a large oval from the tan piece of construction paper. Measure to make sure the oval covers one edge of the paper plate (refer to picture above).
  4. Cut two small half moon shapes from the tan construction paper (these will be the ears).
  5. Draw a mouth and two small dots for the nose on one side of the large tan oval.
  6. Glue the large tan oval onto the paper plate opposite where the peak is cut, with the mouth and nose facing out.
  7. Glue the half moon shapes opposite one another onto the paper plate.
  8. Glue the craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate, just below the tan oval. This will allow you to easily hold the mask to your face.

Have fun dressing up with Nicolas!

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