If you use Lynda.com online learning, you’ve probably noticed more links leading you to a website called LinkedIn Learning.

On May 6, Lynda.com will be migrating to LinkedIn Learning. While the name and appearance are changing, LinkedIn Learning will contain all prior content and courses from Lynda. On this day, both sites will be down for around 3 hours while data is transferred.

Many of you may be wondering, “Am I going to lose my progress on Lynda?” No, you will not. Your account data will also be transferred to the new platform. Also, you will still log on with your library card number and PIN.

Note: If you try to log in and received a message that says “All LinkedIn licenses are currently in use,” this actually means that you most likely made a typo when inputting your card number. Double check that you’ve put in all the letters and numbers with no spaces (caps do not matter).

So what differences will you see?

When you log into LinkedIn Learning for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select interests. This is required so that LinkedIn Learning can show you personalized suggestions. You will also be prompted to select a learning goal, but this is not required.

Here is how Lynda looks when you log on:

Notice that on Lynda, you are shown new and popular courses on your homepage.

LinkedIn Learning looks a little different:

Your homepage on LinkedIn Learning is more personal to you, with suggestions based on your interests and past courses. Your home page will also display your goals, progress, and saved courses. If you want to browse different subjects by category or see what’s new, you can click on the browse button near the search bar.

Another change worth noting is that LinkedIn Learning will not put your name on certificates: a result of policies that maintain individual privacy. Also, you will see is that LinkedIn now requires you to have watched at least one video in full before a course shows up on your profile as “in progress.”

While most features are the same, some of the wording around these features may change. As an example, the “bookmark” feature for courses on Lynda is now just called “save” on LinkedIn Learning.

What are some new features? LinkedIn Learning will have searchable course transcripts, supplementary exercises, increased security, and 50-60 new courses being added weekly. Currently, there are over 7,000 courses available in subjects such as business, computer skills, and design. This amount will be nearly doubled at 16,000+ courses on LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning will be giving those courses a more streamlined experience, working to update content as technology and software changes. LinkedIn Learning will also be offering courses in 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Still looking for more info? Check out LinkedIn Learning’s FAQ page here.