In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish-American Heritage Month, here is a selection of Irish-themed movies in our collection that will make for a great movie night.

Cover image for In the name of the father [DVD]
In the Name of the Father
A man is wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison for an IRA bombing that kills five people.
Cover image for My left foot [DVD]
My Left Foot
This is the inspirational story of Christy Brown who is born with cerebral palsy. He is paralyzed except for his left foot, which he uses to write and paint.
Waking Ned Divine
Two men discover that someone in their tiny Irish village has won the lottery. They set out on a mission to discover the winner, and find out he has passed away.
Cover image for The quiet man [DVD]
The Quiet Man
This classic film starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara is the story of a retired boxer who returns to buy the farm he grew up on in his birthplace of Innisfree. He falls in love, and must contend with his lover’s brother who does not approve of the union.
Cover image for The crying game [DVD]
The Crying Game
Fergus (Stephen Rea), an IRA volunteer helps to kidnap a British soldier (Forest Whitaker). When the soldier winds up dead, Fergus winds up befriending the soldier’s girlfriend, who is harboring a secret.
Cover image for Circle of friends [DVD]
Circle of Friends
Minnie Driver in one of her first roles on the big screen stars as awkward Benny in this classic coming of age story about a group of female friends whose lives are rapidly changing.
Cover image for Ondine [DVD]
Colin Farrell is Syracuse, a troubled Irish fisherman who catches a woman he believes to be a selkie, an Irish mythical creature that takes human form to fall in love. He names her Ondine and soon finds out she has a mysterious story.
Cover image for Matchmaker [DVD]
The Matchmaker
Marcy TIzard (Jeanine Garafalo) travels to Ireland to track down the Irish relatives of the senator she is campaigning for. She finds herself in the midst of the local Matchmaking Festival and becomes the star attraction.
Angela’s Ashes
The story of young Frank’s childhood growing up with an alcoholic father in Limerick, Ireland is a revealing tale of the struggles of a poor Irish Catholic family.

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate