Synopsis: Lara Jean is a quiet girl going into junior year. Her life is turned upside down when her secret love letters are somehow mailed out. She has to find a way to keep her dignity intact and deal with all of the awkward incidents that will no doubt follow.

Review: Watching this movie is a ride, even after you’ve already seen it one or more times before. This movie made me realize that I actually enjoy rom-coms despite how cheesy they are. To All the Boys has the romance you want from a rom-com, drama, jokes, and more. I loved the movie the first time I watched it and have watched it at least 5 times since.

While rom-coms are pretty cliche by design, this one has an individuality that is not present in most others. With amazing leads and hilarious supporting actors, this movie is fun at every moment. Whether you love rom-coms or just want a fun movie to watch, this is a solid choice.

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