Synopsis: A look into the life of Naya Rivera. We see her at her best moments and at her worst. We learn about her career, family, and relationships all from her own perspective.

Review: I loved Glee and I loved Santana, the blunt, honest, and a bit mean cheerleader. After Naya Rivera’s tragic death this year, I was reminded of her role on Glee and how much I respected her which lead me to find this book, her autobiography.

Not knowing much about Naya before reading this, it was fascinating to learn about her life, her unique struggles and triumphs. We learn about her relationships with Mark Salling and now ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, with whom she shares a son with. We get a look into the life she had on Glee and how much she loved her family.

Glee fans and especially Santana fans must read this book. We loved Santana and her sass, but now you will also love Naya and her amazing personality.

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