Synopsis: Carry On is a true story about two boys in Cleveland that grew up in a poor environment and met each other in high school on the wrestling team. One of the boys legs were amputated after he got hit by a train. The other boy is legally blind. They both go through obstacles together and learn about each other as well as how to wrestle. They meet a reporter from ESPN that they bond with and become best friends and family.

Review: I love this book. This book teaches you about friendship and how to overcome obstacles. This books talks about sports and growing up in a rough neighborhood. I love how the book talks about how an ESPN reporter grows up also.

This book shows you that you can start something new and become great at it. As long as you work hard you can do whatever you want in life. I love how the one boy (Dartanyen) carries the other boy (Leroy). They really bond and do everything together.

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