Synopsis: Lara Jean’s relationship with Peter has been complicated since the beginning but things are finally starting to settle down. That is until John Ambrose ends up volunteering with Lara Jean. Now, Lara must deal with conflicting emotions for two amazing boys and choose.

Review: After watching the first movie five times, I was extremely excited for the sequel. Unfortunately, while To All the Boys P.S. I Still Love You is a decent movie that is entertaining, it in no way compares to the first movie. The first movie felt more original and creative than most romcoms but this one was more cliched.

Still, the actors are amazing. I found myself struggling to choose a side until the very end. The plot, while a little slow, is entertaining and the soundtrack is phenomenal. If you loved the first movie, you should definitely watch this one as the atmosphere is the same and the actors do a fantastic job, but you should be aware that it might not be as good as the first.

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