Synopsis: Elle Evans and Lee Flynn have been best friends since birth, literally. They have a set of rules to ensure that their friendship always remains strong. Most of the time, the rules are easy to follow but when Elle ends up kissing Lee’s brother at the carnival kissing booth, things get complicated.

Review: I am not afraid to admit that this movie is extremely cliched and predictable. Despite this, I love it and have watched it multiple times. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but despite the glaring flaws, I still enjoy the movie. The characters and plot are extremely basic and boring, the unassuming girl and the stud older guy fall for each other. There is very little original about this movie.

If you are considering watching this movie, be prepared to be underwhelmed but if you let yourself, you might just enjoy it. With a cliche plot and cookie cutter characters, the movie is pretty good for what it had to work with, just don’t expect anything mind blowing.

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