Based on the book: Going the Distance by Beth Reekles

Synopsis: Elle and Noah are navigating the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. Marco, the handsome new student, becomes friends with Elle complicating matters even more. Elle must navigate college applications, her relationship, and friendships in this sequel to The Kissing Booth.

Review: Despite being the sequel to an extremely cliched and predictable movie, The Kissing Booth 2 impressed me. While the standards weren’t set high with the first movie, the second one was significantly better. In this movie, they trade out the forbidden love plot for the classic love triangle which is switching one cliche for another but this movie somehow has more depth to it.

After watching the first movie, I had no expectations for the sequel as sequels to almost any movie end up worse than the original. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised, though, with the low ratings of the original, it would have been hard to get much worse. The plot is just as predictable as the first movie but in this one, there was less time agonizing over the decisions we already know the answers too and more storytelling.

If you liked or at least enjoyed the first movie and are considering watching the second, I say you should. The second movie is by some degree, better than the first so the chances of you enjoying it are relatively high. If you did not like the first one and want a story with twists and depth, look elsewhere.

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