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Synopsis: Jojo’s family is dysfunctional to say the least and when his dad gets out of prison, things get even weirder. His mother Leonie takes him and his baby sister on a car trip to pick up their father from prison. On this car trip, Jojo learns a lot about himself, his family and its history.

Review: This book has some deep messages about life and death but they are weaved in such a way that it is hard to decipher. The book is told from three different perspectives that change every few chapters which is nice if you don’t like one of the narrators. The three viewpoints gives readers a wider understanding of events and emotions that help them understand the complex relationships that are present in the book.

Personally, while I could see the purpose of this book, it was indirect, complicated, and took too long for the message to become clear. The whole book has hints to a bigger story, but they don’t make sense and they all culminate into one big crazy event that happens at the end of the book. Normally, I would love putting together the puzzle and having a big reveal but it was too abstract for me.

This is a good book if you want to reflect on life and its injustices but it is also a long road novel that requires patience to get to the point.