Love and Monsters (2020) - IMDb

Synosis: 7 years after the monster apocalypse, Joel learns that his high school sweetheart is not far. He decides to embark on a week-long journey across monster-ridden land to find her. Will he survive and if he does, will it be worth it?

Review: The title of this movie spills what it is about, a young man in love in a world of monsters. Dylan O’Brien, an excellent actor, carries this movie on his shoulders almost half of the movie is just him. O’Brien is known for his roles in the Maze Runner movies and Teen Wolf where he plays a reluctant leader and a sarcastic teenager respectively. In Love and Monsters, he plays an unathletic 23 year old who treks across 80 miles of monster-ridden land to find his highschool girlfriend. The only constant characters are his character (Joel) and a dog who is with him almost the whole time.

In a movie that relies heavily on one star, that one actor has to be amazing to fill all the boxes needed for a great movie. Luckily, O’Brien does just this. He is just as sarcastic and comedic as he is in his other roles and does a good job of not only being the star but tying the story together with the other characters. I would recommend this movie to anyone but if you are a Dylan O’Brien, dystopian, or adventure fan, you should really watch this movie.

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